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E-cigarette JUUL and Youth Nicotine Addiction

E- cigarette JUUL and Youth Nicotine Addiction in NEvada

According to the FDA, approximately 3.8 million American children from middle school to high school are addicted to E-cigarettes.  E-cigarettes single-handedly erased the long-fought battle and decline in American youth nicotine addiction.  The World Health Organization claims that e-cigarettes actually double the odds of minors to begin smoking traditional cigarettes later in life.

JUUL was originally touted an alternative to smoking and even as a method to quit smoking; in fact,  JUUL  claimed to be 99% safer than smoking.  Despite their claims, JUUL’s advertising and flavor options (mango, cool mint, and fruit medley) seemed to be geared toward young people.  California and New York are two states that have both sued JUUL for their misleading advertising.

For an interesting article about the history of JUUL and how it relates to nicotine addiction in young people, you can click here.

The FDA declared that JUUL illegally advertised its product as safer than tobacco and issued the following Warning Letter on September 9, 2019.

In order to try to control the number of youth becoming addicted to nicotine and to try to lessen e-cigarette appeal to children, the FDA banned the sale of all flavored nicotine on January 2, 2020, other than tobacco and menthol flavors.

If you or a loved one has been negatively affected by JUUL use, we are currently taking cases for persons 25 years of age and under who have experienced JUUL addition, and related injuries, including lung damage, overdosing, and nicotine poisoning.  It costs you nothing to file a lawsuit with us.