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Las Vegas Moped Accident Attorney

Las Vegas Moped Accident Attorney

Moped Laws and Regulations

A moped is defined in Nevada as a:

[M]otordriven scooter or cycle propelled by a small engine which produces no more than 2 gross brake horsepower and has a displacement of no more than 50 cubic centimeters or no more than 1500 watts of final output. It also cannot be designed to travel with more than three wheels in contact with the ground and cannot reach a maximum speed of more than 30 miles per hour.
In Nevada, it is illegal to operate as a rider or passenger of a moped without a helmet. NRS 486.231. You must also register your moped with the DMV. Further, you must possess a special license, Class Q in order to operate a moped. The Nevada DMV study guide to obtain your license can be accessed here.

The following law regulates how a moped is to be driven. NRS 486.351 states the following:

  1. A moped cannot be driven between moving or stationary vehicles occupying adjacent traffic lanes;
  2. A moped cannot be used to pass another vehicle within the same traffic lane.
  3. You can drive no more than 2 mopeds side by side in a single lane of travel;
  4. A moped should be driven in the extreme right hand land of the highway unless preparing to turn left, or when doing so would not be safe or in compliance with a police officer’s directions.
  5. A person driving a moped who is preparing to turn left cannot enter the left turn lane any sooner than one-quarter of a mile from where the left turn will be made.

Las Vegas Moped Accident Lawyer

Insurance Claims and Lawsuits

Nationwide statistics show that moped accidents are most common during the summer and on weekdays. Most injured riders are Caucasian males between the ages of 23-59 years old. Alcohol use is a factor in moped crashes more often with male drivers than female drivers.

The most common type of moped accident is a collision with another vehicle. The types of injuries most often seen are broken bones, cuts, head and torso injuries, and fatalities. Just because a moped doesn’t go as fast as a motorcycle, doesn’t mean they aren’t as dangerous and the injuries aren’t a severe.

In Nevada, you do not need to be blame-free in a moped accident to file a claim. As long as you are determined to be less than 50% at fault, you may still recover damages from the other party. You can recover damages for your injuries, such as lost wages, pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses, and future medical bills. Call us now to discuss your case and options.

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Las Vegas Moped Accident Attorney