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Elevator Accident Attorney Las Vegas

Types of Elevator or Escalator Malfunctions

Elevator Accident Attorney

Elevator Malfunction

Hotel Guests and other patrons can fall afoul of a variety of unforeseeable elevator and escalator accidents. This can include abrupt landings, floor shifting, power failures, failures to open, sudden stops, and elevator lurching. After an investigation has been carried out, all of these instances can be connected to a single problem. This is that repairmen have shut off the safety devices while performing routine work on elevators.

Elevator Accident Attorney

If they place a call to the elevator while the elevator is out of service, the elevator will follow the commands it receives. This allows a repair technician on a higher floor to summon the elevator and test its performance. Due to the considerable risk of movement during repair work, it is imperative that all elevators are taken out of commission when this repair work is being carried out.

Other problems can occur as well, including bucket failure or failing elevator sensors, product discharge, back-legging, loose or broken bolts, excessive wear, product sticking, and more. One of the more common situations that can arise is errors in the interlock contacts, door contacts, or errors in the door operations. These can happen more frequently as the components of the elevator and escalator systems get older. Systems and failures and operation interference are other common problems.

Elevator accidents and their subsequent damages fall under the category of premises liability law. Most commonly strict product liability and negligence are the reason actions are taken against a hotel. More commonly action is taken against the manufacturer of elevators and those responsible for their care and maintenance. As the premiere Nevada Elevator Accident Attorneys, we at Hinds Injury Law Las Vegas have represented many victims of the accidents.

Sudden Stops & Abrupt Landings

Elevators are supposed to start and stop gradually. But when an elevator stops abruptly, it is often the cause of an error in the electronic or computer components. Proper programming is supposed to avoid this type of issue but failures in the electrical components and other timing issues can cause sudden stops. Some of the most common passenger injuries that relate to this situation include back injuries and injuries typically seen in a bad fall. If you have been hurt or injured because of an elevator abruptly stopping, call our elevator accident lawyers and arrange for a free consultation.

Failures to Open

When the elevator door fails to open, the situation can get very scary. This can get even worse if the temperature in the elevator begins to increase. Elderly people aboard can be very susceptible to panic and stress in such an unfortunate situation. The same goes for people who struggle with claustrophobia or a variety of anxiety disorders.

A passenger elevator that is filled with people can cause people with no such issues to suddenly feel scared and panicky. This happens when the brain responds to the need to escape the situation and realizes no escape route is possible.

Nevada Elevator Accident Attorney

If the sensors in the doors fail to recognize that there are fingers and limbs obstructing the door’s movements, the door may close despite these obstructions. This can lead to serious injury as the limbs and bones are caught and crushed under the pressure exerted by the doors or the movement of the elevators. The most common cause of this problem is malfunctioning in the lading doors and elevator interlocks.

Typically, these problems don’t lead to severe injury or trauma, but the experience can be worse depending on how long the person is trapped in the elevator and the severity of injuries inflicted. If you have been caught in such a situation, call our Nevada Personal Injury lawyer’s office.

Power Failures

Hotels typically have backup generators that power up the elevators in case of power failures in the main grid. Typically, a power failure will not result in any harm to the passengers riding the elevator and only result in a temporary delay. Nevertheless, if the power failure results in an abrupt stop, the problem can be worse.

Floor Shifting & Elevator Lurching

Elevator lurching and elevator floor shifting are some of the more dangerous problems that can occur because passengers are not restrained. Not all elevators are equipped with handrails and even if they are these are not restraining devices and only provide the passenger with a false sense of security.

Elevator Repair & Maintenance Concerns

Failure to properly maintain and repair a high-use elevator is the number one cause of elevator malfunctions. Any elevator relies on a wide range of electrical and mechanical components. If not properly serviced, any one of these can malfunction and the result can be catastrophic.

Elevator Fatalities

It is fairly unusual that Nevada accident attorneys handle fatalities. Most often elevator issues result in injury. But a fatality will typically indicate a serious issue in the mechanism and/or the negligence of the repairman. The most common way that a person is killed in an elevator accident is that they are crushed.

If someone you love has been killed in an elevator accident, call us immediately and we will perform a full investigation into the incident.

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