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Experienced Attorney In Las Vegas For Bicycle Accident Cases

Bicycle Accidents in Las Vegas

Bicycle Accidents in Las Vegas

Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is something that most people engage in during their free time and is also the most popular means of non-motor vehicle transportation. In Las Vegas, many locals rely on their bicycles to get to work and back home. Apart from locals, tourists also prefer to cycle around the city, bicycle ride around the Red Rock loop, and hike around different desert trails. According to health specialists, cycling promotes good health and can help the body to relax. However, you also need to be aware of the fact that cyclists can be in danger of motor vehicle accidents because they usually share the road with cars.


Over 50,000 bicyclists get hurt within an estimated period of 12 months because of accidents related to motor vehicles. The Pedestrian And Bicycle Information Center also states that only a small number of these cases are reported to the authority. Furthermore, in the year 2014, 726 bicyclists lost their lives in accidents related to automobiles. Bike accident cases are not easy to deal with; that is why you should hire an experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney, especially if you or a close relative is involved in a bike accident. 


Whether you live in Las Vegas or are visiting, it is quite unlucky to get involved in a bicycle accident. When you face such a case, it is essential to seek guidance and assistance from an experienced bicycle accident lawyer. An experienced bicycle accident lawyer will help you find medical help, navigate insurance issues, and address any other legal issues that may arise. Moreover, a legal representative will also help you with your bicycle accident claim, especially if the accident involves more than one motorist. Such cases are more complicated because of liability issues. However, with the help of a bicycle accident lawyer, you can have peace of mind since your attorney will handle such matters.


The Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents.


The laws that govern road usage in Nevada protects both motor vehicle users and bicyclists. For example, motorists are required to leave a clearance of at least three feet when overtaking bicyclists and motor vehicles are expected to drive along the left right-hand lane when passing a bicyclist. Even though these laws do help to maintain order on the road, they do not stop bicycle and motor vehicle accidents from occurring.


In Nevada, NRS 484B.270, a motor vehicle shall not intentionally interfere with the movement of a person lawfully riding a bicycle.  Further, the driver of a motor vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to any person riding a bicycle. Also, the driver of a car is required to honk his horn to avoid a collision. 


Bicyclists are forced to focus on the road and always be vigilant of what is happening with vehicles around them. However, sometimes accidents that involve motor vehicles do occur even when the bicyclist has done his or her best to remain safe. The problem with bicycles is that they are small compared to cars and Las Vegas does not have many designated bike lanes.  This makes it difficult for drivers to see bicyclists who ride their bicycles on the roadside. Other common causes of bike accidents include the following circumstances.

Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A motor vehicle hits a bicyclist when turning to the right-hand side. This is something that happens most of the time in this region. A driver makes a quick turn to the right-hand side, forgetting that he or she is using the same road with other motorists and bicyclists. In another scenario, a motorist pulls out from a parking lot or side street and then drives straight into the bicyclist side and ends up causing an accident. Other accidents that occur usually involve both a bicyclist and a motorist driving along the same direction, and all of a sudden, the vehicle makes a quick turn without giving any indication. Motorists who fail to obey traffic laws by checking their surroundings when making any turns should be held liable for any harm caused to bicyclists in case of an accident.


A vehicle hits a bicyclist when turning to the left-hand side. Other bicycle accidents occur as a result of motorists not checking their surroundings when making a left side turn. This usually happens when the motorist and the bicyclist are driving in the opposite direction. A driver can make poor judgment and think that the bicyclist is far away when making the turn but turns out to be too late when the vehicle has already turned. Sometimes the bicyclist could be riding very fast, and all of a sudden, a car makes a left turn forcing the bicyclist to swerve to the side to avoid a collision. As a result, the bicyclist ends up getting hurt.


Rear-end collision cases. A rear-end collision does not necessarily have to be between two vehicles, but it can also be between a car and a bicycle.  Bicyclists often get rear-ended in this region. The leading cause being driver not paying attention to the road when driving. However, in some rear-end collision cases, bicyclists are held responsible for not obeying traffic laws by not wearing reflective gear. Without reflective clothing, it becomes difficult for drivers to see bicyclists who ride on sideways, especially during the knight.


A vehicles door can accidentally hit a bicyclist. This type of accident is also known as dooring.This happens when a driver parks his or her car on the sideways and exits the car without checking the side mirrors for an oncoming bicyclist. As a result, a bicyclist crashes on the open door and lands on the front of the vehicle. If the driver had given a warning when opening the door, the bicyclist could not have crashed. 


According to Las Vegas traffic laws, motorists are required to treat bicyclists with respect as they would treat their fellow motorists. But, most motorists usually fail to accept their mistakes as soon as they are involved in an accident with a bicyclist. What motorists forget is that bicyclists are most affected since they have less gear to protect them from severe falls and collisions.


It is important to learn more about bicycle safety while riding on the road, drivers are required to be careful not to cause any harm to them when sharing the same route. However, those who fail to obey traffic laws and cause harm to innocent bicyclists should be arrested and held accountable for the damages they cause. Therefore, if you have been involved in a bicycle accident, contact the Hinds Injury Law Las Vegas and hire a Personal Injury Lawyer Las Vegas to help you seek compensation.

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