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Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Your Rights When You Are Not At Fault

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

Were you involved in a car accident in the Las Vegas area? The accident that you were involved in may have been caused by the other driver and not by your own wrongdoing. Despite driving safely, it is impossible to predict when another driver will crash into your vehicle because he or she is not paying attention or is under the influence. When something serious like this occurs, you should know that you do have important rights and you should contact a Las Vegas car accident lawyer immediately.

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

In fact, if you were injured and your car was heavily damaged because of the accident, you should receive legal assistance from a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. We want to help you seek justice for everything you have been through. You need to know that you do not need to go through this process alone. It is far better to have professional legal assistance to help you get through this trying time.

Free Confidential Case Review Nevada Car Accident Lawyer Explains Your Rights After Car Accidents

As someone who has just been in a traumatic car accident, understanding your legal rights after an accident is a must. You have the right to file a claim because you have been injured and because your vehicle has been damaged due to the impact of the crash. Most accidents are caused by a negligent driver. A negligent driver is someone who should have their eyes on the road but is not paying attention for one reason or another, such as texting or lighting a cigarette.

You should hire a Las Vegas car accident lawyer who will work hard to get to the bottom of the situation, finding out exactly what caused the accident to occur in the first place. For example, the negligent driver may have gone through a stop sign or a red light without any regard for the other drivers on the road. We can hire an expert to construct an accident reconstruction diagram to use in court to provide a complete visual idea of exactly what happened before, during, and directly after the crash occurred. The purpose of this is to provide proof that the other driver is the one who is at a fault for the accident that occurred between both of you.

Common Causes Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, someone who is behind the wheel can easily become distracted. While the driver who caused your accident may have had no intentions to get into an accident or cause any harm to you at all, he or she made a bad decision that eventually led to a series of truly unfortunate events, and that means he or she must be held accountable. A driver can become distracted when he or she is talking on the phone while driving, texting while behind the wheel, changing the radio station, trying to take a sip of coffee from a cup while using the steering wheel, or even driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These bad decisions often lead to serious car accidents that can cause serious bodily harm to multiple people on the road.

What To Do At The Scene Of The Accident And After The Accident

Because of your injuries and the damage to your vehicle, you have the right to file a claim, so it is important that you gather as much information as possible at the scene if you are able to do so.  You should ask witnesses for their contact information so that your attorney can reach them to request witness statements. If several people witnessed the accident and they know for sure that the other driver was in the wrong, it can work to your advantage when we file a claim.

Take photos of the vehicles involved and any injuries you sustained.  If there was road construction, take photos of the signs, barriers, cones, and other markings/warnings.  If you feel there was inadequate or incorrect signage or barricades that contributed to the accident, take photos of those things and write down what you think was wrong immediately for future reference.

Get the insurance and a copy of the driver’s license and car registration as well as the names and phone numbers of all passengers.

Once you have followed these steps, you will need to contact your auto insurance company to speak to them about what happened. You need to let them know that you were involved in one of the car accidents but that you were not at fault. The insurance company will likely request a copy of the police report to make sure that you were not at fault.  We can obtain a copy of the report for you, or we can advise you about how to obtain a copy from the different jurisdictions (Metro, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Highway Patrol, etc…)

The next step is to call an experienced Nevada car accident lawyer like Hinds Injury Law Las Vegas – (702) 940-1234 – and come to our office with your information so we can begin your recovery.  

Coverage From Your Auto Insurance Company

The reason that you have auto insurance is to have the extra protection when unfortunate situations like this happen. The insurance company should pay for all or at least some of the expenses involved, such as the cost of repairing the vehicle, the cost of renting out a vehicle until the one you own is fixed, and the cost of some medical bills that you have received from the hospital after seeking treatment for injuries that you sustained in the car accident. There is a possibility that your insurance company will not cover all these expenses if you did not have enough coverage.

Because the other driver is at fault, his or her insurance company should cover the cost of some of the expenses that you now have to deal with. Since you will need to spend some of your time talking to the different auto insurance companies, always make sure to have your lawyer with you when you are making phone calls or having any conversations with them. You should not agree to anything without an attorney present to make sure that everything is going smoothly. The attorney is there to fully protect your rights and maximize your settlement.

Getting into an accident that was caused by someone else is a terrifying experience and it has likely caused a lot of pain and suffering in your life. Car accidents can leave people feeling traumatized. However, you should know that you do have legal rights and you should make sure that the other driver is being held accountable for his or her actions. Because you need to know more about your rights and the steps you should take to file a claim, it helps to hire an experienced car accident lawyer who has your best interest at heart. We can help you get through this difficult time by providing the legal assistance you need.  

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