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Las Vegas Attorney Litigating Essure Class Action Lawsuit

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Essure Lawyer Las Vegas

Essure is a type of permanent birth control/sterilization.  It is a series of small metal coils which are placed in the fallopian tubes.  These coils cause scar tissue to form in the fallopian tubes.  This scar tissue then prevents the sperm from passing and reaching an egg.


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Many women have reported very serious injuries from Essure.  Some users report migration of the device, perforation of the fallopian tubes and uterus, and they were required to undergo full or partial hysterectomies to correct the damages.


Bayer voluntarily discontinued the sale and manufacture of Essure on December 31, 2018.  The press release can be viewed here.


essure class action lawsuit


To review the FDA Commissioner’s statement about Bayer’s voluntary recall, click here.

There are currently an estimated 17,000 lawsuits against Essure, which is manufactured by Bayer.  If you have had Essure and had to undergo a full or partial hysterectomy and had the product removed, please call us for a free, confidential case review at (702) 940-1234.  It does not cost you any money for us to start your case.  We only get paid if we get a settlement for you.  Call an experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer to help you today or send us an email on our contact form.


Essure Lawsuit for Health Complications

With Essure, a doctor inserts flexible coils into a woman’s cervix, vagina, and fallopian tubes to provide non-surgical permanent birth control. The device prevents pregnancy by causing tissue to grow around the implant over three months. Nonetheless, the FDA has been notified of negative side effects that individuals have claimed to have experienced while using Essure, such as:

  • Persistent pain, including pelvic and abdominal pain
  • Nausea, headaches, and further device-related allergic reactions
  • Uterus and fallopian tube perforations
  • Migration of pelvic or intraabdominal devices
  • Irregular, abnormal, or increased bleeding
  • Hypersensitivity or allergy to the device
  • Pregnancy caused by Essure failure
  • Fetal death and miscarriage
  • Need for hysterectomy
  • Fatigue
  • Colon perforation
  • Bloating
  • Death

Regarding using Essure, the FDA received roughly 2,800 comments and complaints. Although the device hasn’t been recalled yet, the FDA is looking into patient and medical reports. About 500,000 women are in danger of health issues and a lower quality of life due to using Essure birth control products until the FDA makes a judgment. Patients who have taken Essure assert that there was a preventive reason for the symptoms they experienced. Many individuals believe that those responsible did not properly disclose the risks associated with Essure to them. The company that makes and distributes Essure, Bayer, has come under fire for allegedly deceiving the Food and Drug Administration and hiding information from its customers. It is alleged that Bayer purposely concealed the possible adverse effects of using Essure. 

Let’s say that after using Essure, you have abnormal bleeding, device migration, persistent pain, perforation, or device failure. If so, you might be entitled to payment for your suffering, related medical bills, missed income, and rehabilitation expenditures. Hinds Injury Law Las Vegas accepts claims from women who have experienced issues due to the Essure Birth Control Device. 

You could be able to file a case against Essure Implants with the help of our Las Vegas attorneys.


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