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SGLT2 drugs

SGLT2 Medications

The FDA has issued a warning about SGLT2 medications used to treat diabetes.

SGLT2 (sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors work by lowering blood sugar which causes the kidneys to remove sugar through urine.  Bard names of this medication may be Farxiga, Invokana, and Jardiance.  A rare, but known side effect of using this medication is Fournier gangrene.  Fournier gangrene is a flesh eating bacteria that attacks the area around the genitals and anus.  It can lead to death in extreme circumstances.

The FDA’s warning states to contact your doctor immediately is you are taking SGLT2s and have redness or swelling in the area between the genitals and rectum, fatigue, and/or a fever over 100 degrees.

If you were diagnosed with Fournier gangrene and used an SGLT2 drug before 10/28/2018 for at least 30 days prior to your diagnosis, please contact us immediately.  It costs you absolutely nothing to file a lawsuit against the SGLT2 manufacturer with us.