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Car Accident in Las Vegas

Car Accident in Las Vegas

Pull Safely Over To the Side of Road

The first tip for car accidents in Las Vegas, if your car is able to be driven, pull safely to the side of the road, and activate your hazard lights.  You do not want to continue driving after an accident, or you may be cited for hit and run.


Call 911 if it appears that anyone is injured

If you think you are injured, call 911 immediately.  Do not assume that someone else will call.  If you feel you are hurt, you should take an ambulance to the hospital.  If you are not injured, you should check to make sure that the other passengers in both your vehicle and the other vehicle are not injured.  Do not make any admissions of guilt such as apologizing for the accident.


Exchange insurance Information

The third tip for car accidents in Las Vegas, you must obtain the other party’s insurance information, copy of registration, and driver’s license, if available.  If you are the victim of a hit and run, try to obtain their license plate number.  If the police respond to the scene, they may obtain this information, but do not leave the scene until you are certain they have gotten the information you need.  If you feel you are at fault, you may decline to make a statement by simply saying “no thank you” to the police officer when he attempts to hand you a statement.  Similarly, you can refuse to discuss the accident with the other party and/or the police officer by simply stating that you do not want to make any statements.  However, you do need to cooperate in the investigation by providing your name, identification, and insurance information.

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Take Photos of the vehicle damages

It is very important that you document damages to all vehicles involved by taking photos and/or videos of the scene.  Also, if there is road construction, make sure to take photos of any cones, signs, and/or other warnings.  Take notes of traffic conditions, weather, and time of day.  Get any witness’ names and numbers.   If you are taking photos of smaller scratches and dents, use coins or other identifiable common items for reference for the size of the damages.


Contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

If you are not at fault, the other party’s insurance company will contact you very quickly after the accident.  They will attempt to get you to make statements to show you were not really injured in an effort to minimize insurance coverage.  You are discouraged from speaking with the other party’s insurance company at all about the accident.  If you were injured in the accident call a car accident attorney in Las Vegas as soon as possible.

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