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How to Get Medical Treatment After an Accident Without Insurance

Many clients are in pain and scared and frustrated after an accident.  They want treatment but have no insurance and do not know where to get help. If you have an attorney, there are several ways to get immediate treatment and pay for your medical expenses if you were injured in a car accident, even if you do not have medical insurance.

It is expected to be concerned about who will cover your medical expenses if you are injured in an accident and have no health insurance. Once you win your case or settle a personal injury claim, you might receive compensation for various damages in addition to your medical bills, which could take many months or years. In the meantime, you have to get treatment and pay your medical bills.

Many people ask whether the person at fault for the car accident or their auto insurance can cover the expenses as they become due.  Without a lien agreement, where an attorney agrees to pay a medical provider for the settlement, you must pay your medical expenses as they become due. The law does not compel the person who hurt you to pay your medical bills when they are due, even if it is totally obvious that they are to blame for your pain.

You may be able to use any or all of the following strategies to get at least a portion of your medical expenses paid if you get into an accident and don’t have health insurance:

  • Your auto policy may provide for medical payments (Med Pay);
  • The other party’s insurance may provide insurance coverage for some or all of your medical expenses;
  • Medicaid.  If you do not have Medicaid at the time of the accident, you should sign up as soon as possible after the vehicle or car accident.  Medicaid will cover your medical bills after you obtain the insurance, and
  • Negotiate a payment plan with your healthcare providers.

We’ll examine each option in more detail in the following sections.

Medical Payment Coverage

Medical Payment Insurance (sometimes called “med pay” coverage) is a feature of specific property and auto insurance policies. If the insured causes an accident, “medical pay” coverage covers the injured party’s medical expenses up to the covered insurer’s “medical pay” coverage limits, often less than $10,000.  Med pay is independent of liability insurance and can be requested and paid before the case evaluation is settled.

You must pay your costs after they exceed the “med pay” policy limits. Your healthcare expenses will be partially covered by that person’s insurance policy if “med pay” coverage is available.

Because it does not depend or fault or final settlement, we highly recommend obtaining medical pay coverage, especially if you do not have health insurance.


Medicaid is a federal health insurance program that works with state agencies to give low-income people health insurance. The states administer health insurance programs, and the federal government gives funds to them, so they can only indirectly offer health insurance to their citizens.

You can be eligible for Medicaid if you are in an accident and, as a result, lose your job, health insurance, or both. Medicaid is a government-designed health insurance program for low-income people; it is not a charity.  This is extremely valuable, especially if you have a high amount of medical bills, like an extended hospital stay.

Visit your state’s Medicaid office or check online to determine your eligibility if you are in an accident and do not have health insurance. If you are eligible, Medicaid will cover your future medical expenses and, depending on your state’s Medicaid regulations and limitations, Medicaid may even cover some of your previous expenses.

How to Get Medical Treatment After an Accident Without Insurance

Cash Pay Lien

Knowing that many of their patients do not have health insurance, some doctors and chiropractors who treat accident victims are ready to deal with them on a cash payment basis.


Health Care providers, including some pharmacies, may agree to treat a patient in exchange for the patient’s attorney’s agreement to pay the bills out of the settlement or verdict. In this case, the attorney signs a personal injury lien that the provider will forward to the patient’s attorney. The lawyer must first pay the provider through the settlement or verdict proceeds for the client or patient to get any money from the lawsuit. This lien is a legally enforceable agreement.  If your attorney settles the matter and fails to pay the medical provider, the medical provider can sue the patient directly.

In any case, you should speak with an accident attorney to receive guidance on obtaining care under state laws if you get involved in an accident and are having trouble getting medical care because you don’t have insurance.

Explore Community Health Clinics

Community Health Clinics are essential for uninsured individuals, providing affordable and accessible healthcare services. These clinics focus on serving the underserved and use a sliding scale fee structure based on income. By addressing diverse healthcare needs, they play a crucial role in filling gaps in the healthcare system. Patients can receive comprehensive medical care, including preventive services, routine check-ups, and treatment for acute illnesses, making Community Health Clinics a valuable option for those without insurance.

When considering Community Health Clinics, exploring local options and understanding eligibility criteria is essential. These clinics may request proof of income and residency. However, their dedication to offering quality healthcare to everyone, regardless of insurance status, makes them a supportive and inclusive resource. Utilizing the services of these clinics can help uninsured individuals access necessary care, contributing to a healthier community overall. If you’re uninsured, these clinics can be your advocate, providing financial assistance and exploring reimbursement options to ensure you receive the healthcare you need.

Research Free or Low-Cost Clinics

Searching for affordable healthcare options is a smart move for anyone who wants everything in one place. Free or low-cost clinics are there to help people dealing with money challenges, offering various medical services at little or no cost. They aim to make sure everyone, no matter their money situation, can get essential healthcare. By looking into these clinics, you can find local resources that suit your needs, giving you a way to get medical care without a big expense.

When you search for free or low-cost clinics, it’s important to check their rules and the services they provide. These clinics are like a safety net for things like check-ups, vaccinations, and treating everyday illnesses. Actively looking for these healthcare options lets you manage your health without the risk of huge bills. These clinics don’t just help the community stay healthy—they also help you take charge of your well-being, even if money is tight.

Can I Go to the Hospital Without Health Insurance Following a Car Accident?

Hospitals are required by federal law to treat patients on an emergency basis whether or not they have medical insurance.  They can also send you a bill or various bills for your treatment.  The hospital staff will usually refer the patient to a follow-up visit with a different doctor after receiving treatment and being cleared for release.

A patient may find it difficult to see another doctor if they don’t have insurance because most of them demand payment in full before being seen by the provider. After scheduling their appointment, some people attempt to enroll in Medicaid or Medicare. However, they should be aware that time is running out. They will have to pay for the doctor’s appointment out of pocket if they are not eligible.

In Nevada, as long as you regularly pay something for your bill, the medical provider cannot send the matter to collections.

How to Get Medical Treatment After an Accident Without Insurance In Las Vegas, Nevada

How Do You Get The Best Compensation For A Car Accident If You Don’t Have Health Insurance?

Successful claimants are careful in documenting damages, recording their injuries and discussing legal issues with their attorneys. Following an accident, you should take the following steps:

  • Reporting the accident by making a police call.
  • Receiving medical care.
  • Taking images of the damage and the scene of the accident.
  • Talking with witnesses and obtaining their contact information and other resources is critical.
  • Contact a car accident lawyer regarding your legal rights.

It’s advisable to record as much of the situation as you can. There may not be a lot of proof available if you don’t report the accident to hold the driver liable for your losses. Prioritize protecting your rights by contacting a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer.

Getting Help from a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas at Hinds Injury Law Las Vegas as soon as you’ve decided to file a personal injury case after being hurt in an accident and not having health insurance. Our attorneys are prepared to help you with all of your legal issues. If you have questions or want a professional legal consultation, call us at (702) 940-1234.