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Construction accidents are a significant concern for construction workers in Las Vegas. In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of injuries and fatalities on construction sites and offices. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created the “Your Rights After an Accident” pamphlet to make it easier for people to understand their rights when injured at work. This pamphlet provides information about what should happen after being injured at work.

Injuries at work can happen in several ways. A worker might fall from an elevated surface, have their hand caught in machinery, or get struck by something still moving even though it had stopped. All these injuries could cause disabilities to the construction workers and others working on-site if they need medical attention.


Construction Site Fall Accidents

Construction Site Fall injuries are one of the most common accidents on a construction site. One out of five falls at work results in injury to workers, and it is not uncommon for people working as laborers or other blue-collar jobs to fall from heights over 20 feet off the ground.

Luckily, OSHA has created guidelines that should help to reduce the number of accidents on construction sites. One way that OSHA has tried to do this is by requiring employers at a construction site with employees working at heights over 20 feet off the ground or who are exposed as being more than six feet away from all edges and corners of their work surface, to provide fall protection equipment for those employees.

Employers are also mandated to provide a guardrail system, where the rail is at least 42 inches high and 24 inches away from an unprotected edge or corner of the work surface, with side rails that extend 36 inches out on either side if there is any possibility that someone could come into contact with it. Employers must also ensure employees wear personal protective equipment, such as gloves and goggles.

Construction Accidents Las Vegas Nevada

Common Injuries from Construction Site Falls

Workers at a construction site are at risk of serious injury, especially if they fall from six feet or more. There are some injury risks associated with construction site fall, including:

Construction accidents are often devastating to the victims and their families. Injuries in construction accidents may result in expensive medical expenses and lengthy recovery periods.

Construction accidents can also significantly impact the worksite and workforce. When construction workers sustain injuries or fatalities, their assigned duties may include suspension for an extended period. Taking all safety precautions before commencing any construction project is essential.

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