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Delayed Shock Symptoms After Accident

Delayed Shock Symptoms After an Accident Are very common for those who have suffered from a car accident. The brainstem is the part of the nervous system, which controls our movement and balance. The problem occurs when the brain stem is damaged due to an injury, or if it was deprived of oxygen and nutrients. The brainstem is in charge of our sense of touch, sense of smell, taste, hearing, and even emotions such as anger and fear. Delayed Shock Symptoms After an accident can be the result of the damaged areas in the brainstem, which controls our body movements.

A delayed response may happen at any time during the course of an accident or after an injury. In fact, most people will not even realize that they are experiencing delayed response until minutes or hours later. One minute you may be fine, and then the next you may be feeling very weak and uncomfortable.

Symptoms of Delayed Shock After an Accident Many times victims will go into a type of shock or hangover. This is because they did not receive the immediate medical attention they need. If not given immediate medical attention, the victim may become unconscious and not able to move properly. Delayed Shock Symptoms After an accident can be prevented by getting the victim to the hospital as soon as possible.

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Some delayed effects can last up to six months. This can include depression, lack of concentration, memory loss, irritability, mood swings, and anxiety. These feelings will be compounded if the victim did not get the immediate medical attention he or she needed after the accident. The injuries from the accident can have lasting effects on the victim’s ability to perform tasks such as driving. This can result in higher rates of auto accidents for the victim.

There are several ways to avoid having delayed shock after an accident. It can be prevented by following all the necessary steps that are required after a traumatic accident occurs. Doing these things before the incident can help minimize the symptoms of delayed shock. Some of these steps include: keeping a proper record of important phone numbers, wearing a seat belt, never driving while drunk, avoiding medications and alcohol, and staying home to recover.

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Delayed Shock Symptoms After an Accident It is important to remember that delayed shock is very serious. When left untreated, this can result in permanent brain damage. Symptoms such as memory loss, depression, and anxiety can take several months or even years to become noticeable. Even then, the victim may have difficulty in performing day-to-day activities. The best way to avoid having such symptoms is to consult a doctor right after the accident to make sure that there are no other injuries that may have been sustained.

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