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Reckless Driving in Nevada

What is Reckless Driving in Nevada?

Reckless Driving in Nevada

* This article is not intended as advice for your specific matter.  Rather, it is a general article about Nevada law.  If you have questions about your particular case, please call Hinds Injury Law Las Vegas at (702) 940-1234.  This information is valid as of July 24, 2017.

Reckless driving in Nevada can be either a misdemeanor offense or felony depending on the type of recklessness and whether it resulted in substantial bodily harm. Legally they can be divided into two categories: 1) driving with “wanton disregard” for safety or 2) driving or organizing a speed contest. Practically, you can be charged with reckless driving if you’re driving at an excessive speed, racing another car, organizing a race, doing donuts in a crowded parking lot or generally driving in an exceptionally unsafe manner.

The crime of reckless driving is broadly defined because driving recklessly or with “wanton disregard” has been defined slightly differently by the courts including “driving in a rash or heedless manner, indifferent to the consequences,” State v. Roggenkamp, 153 Wn.2d 614 (2005), and creating an unreasonable risk of harm, State v. Bolsinger, 221 Minn. 154 (Minn. 1946).

The penalties for a conviction of reckless driving range from a fine of $250 to $2,000, up to 200 hours of community services, suspension of the driver’s license, as well as 8 points on your driving record and that ‘s just for a misdemeanor. For felony reckless driving, a person can be sent to prison for up to 6 years and fined up to $5,000.

There are many defenses to reckless driving that can be asserted by an experienced criminal defense attorney. The State of Nevada has the burden of proving every element of every crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt. That means that for a basic reckless driving charge, the State has to prove that the defendant was a) driving, b) with willful or wanton disregard for the safety of people or property.

A good Las Vegas criminal defense attorney will review the file and focus the defense on both of these elements. Many times, they identify of the driver in these cases is in question and has to be proven by circumstantial evidence. They rarely take the DNA found in the motor vehicle, the witnesses are not good at identifying a stranger driving by at an excessive speed and there are almost no records showing who was driving at the time unless there is a thorough investigation which there rarely is. Also, the state has to prove that the driving was “reckless” or that it somehow endangered the safety or people or property. However, this is somewhat subjective and depends on the facts of the case.

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Penalties for Reckless Driving in Nevada

In Nevada, the penalties for reckless driving are not to be taken lightly, reflecting the state’s commitment to road safety and the severe consequences of endangering lives through reckless behavior behind the wheel. Here’s an in-depth look at the potential penalties individuals may face if convicted of reckless driving in the Silver State:

1. Fines – Conviction of reckless driving often results in substantial fines. The exact amount varies depending on factors such as the severity of the offense and any previous driving infractions. Fines can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, placing a significant financial burden on the offender.

2. License Suspension – Reckless driving offenses in Nevada may result in the suspension of your license. The duration of the suspension varies based on the circumstances of the offense and any prior driving record. Losing the privilege to drive can disrupt daily life, making it challenging to commute to work, fulfill family obligations, and maintain independence.

3. Jail Time – In addition to fines and license suspension, individuals convicted of reckless driving may face incarceration. While the length of jail sentences varies, even a short stint behind bars can have profound consequences, affecting employment, relationships, and overall well-being.

4. Community Service – Courts may impose community service as part of the penalty for reckless driving. This requires the offender to perform unpaid work for the benefit of the community. Community service hours can be extensive, further impacting one’s time and freedom.

5. Increased Insurance Premiums – A reckless driving charge might result in large increases in vehicle insurance costs. Insurance companies perceive reckless drivers as high-risk. Therefore, they may hike rates significantly or cancel coverage entirely.

6. Permanent Record – A reckless driving charge becomes a permanent part of your driving record in Nevada. This can have long-term consequences, affecting future employment opportunities, professional licenses, and even housing prospects.

7. Legal Costs – Defending against reckless driving charges can incur substantial legal fees. Hiring an attorney to represent you in court adds another financial burden to an already costly situation.

8. Driver Education Programs – Courts may require individuals convicted of reckless driving to complete driver-education programs or traffic school. While these programs aim to educate offenders about safe driving practices, they require a time commitment and may come with additional costs.

In summary, the reckless driving penalties in Nevada are multifaceted and far-reaching, impacting various aspects of an individual’s life. From financial strain to legal consequences and beyond, the repercussions of reckless behavior behind the wheel serve as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible driving practices. It’s essential for all motorists to prioritize safety and adhere to traffic laws to avoid the potentially devastating outcomes of reckless driving convictions.

Demerit Point System in Nevada

Nevada’s Demerit Point System on Driver’s License is a mechanism designed to track and manage driving infractions, ensuring accountability and promoting safe driving practices among motorists. Under this system, each traffic violation or offense is assigned a certain number of demerit points, reflecting the severity of the infraction. 

For instance, minor traffic offenses like speeding might incur fewer points, while more serious violations such as reckless driving or driving under the influence (DUI) result in a higher point assessment. Accumulating demerit points over time can have consequences, including increased insurance premiums, driver’s license suspension, or even revocation. 

However, points are not permanent and typically expire after a certain period, provided the driver maintains a clean record. Nevada’s Demerit Point System serves as a deterrent to reckless behavior on the road, encouraging drivers to adhere to traffic laws and prioritize safety for themselves and others. Understanding how this system operates is essential for all motorists to maintain their driving privileges and uphold road safety standards.

When do Penalties for Reckless Driving increase?

Criminal penalties for reckless driving may increase under certain circumstances, depending on various factors such as the severity of the offense, prior criminal history, and the presence of aggravating factors. Here are some situations where penalties for reckless driving may be heightened:

1. Aggravating Factors – If certain aggravating factors are present, such as excessive speed, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving with a suspended or revoked license, or causing property damage or bodily injury, the penalties for reckless driving are likely to increase.

2. Prior Offenses – Repeat offenses of reckless driving can lead to harsher penalties. In many jurisdictions, penalties escalate with each subsequent conviction for reckless driving.

3. Gross Recklessness – In cases where the conduct goes beyond ordinary recklessness and demonstrates a high degree of disregard for the safety of others, such as engaging in extremely dangerous maneuvers or driving recklessly in a densely populated area, the penalties may be more severe.

4. Resulting Injuries or Fatalities – If the reckless driving results in injuries or fatalities to others, the penalties can increase significantly. In such cases, the individual may face additional charges such as vehicular manslaughter or aggravated assault.

5. School Zones or Construction Zones – Reckless driving in designated areas such as school zones or construction zones often carries enhanced penalties due to the increased risk to vulnerable individuals or workers.

6. High-Speed Pursuits – Engaging in a high-speed pursuit with law enforcement can lead to heightened penalties, as it demonstrates a blatant disregard for public safety and often involves increased risks of car accidents or injuries.

7. Felony Reckless Driving – In some jurisdictions, particularly egregious cases of reckless driving may be charged as a felony offense rather than a misdemeanor, resulting in more severe penalties including lengthy prison sentences.

It’s important to note that the specific laws and penalties for reckless driving vary by jurisdiction. In any case, facing charges of reckless driving with heightened penalties underscores the critical need for legal representation. An experienced attorney can assess the circumstances of the case and provide guidance on the best defense strategies to mitigate the potential consequences.

Reckless Driving in Nevada

Understanding Traffic Offenses in Nevada

Navigating the legal implications of traffic-related offenses in Clark County, Nevada, involves understanding the diverse range of charges, from misdemeanors like traffic tickets to more severe offenses such as a category B felony for drag racing. Speeding in work zones or on highways can lead to serious consequences, as can driving under the influence (DUI) charges. 

Various types of reckless driving, including failure to yield, can result in collisions and may warrant police assistance. Clients facing charges should be aware of the legal process, including warrants and court proceedings, and the potential benefits of negotiating a plea bargain. Traffic violations encompass a broad spectrum, including red light violations, lane misuse, and improper access to shoulders or medians. It is crucial to be mindful of traffic laws, especially in school zones, and to avoid actions that can lead to pedestrian accidents or endanger others on the premises. 

Staying informed about relevant statutes such as NRS 484B.600, NRS 484B.280, and NRS 484B.270 is essential to understanding and addressing traffic-related legal issues.


Understanding reckless driving is crucial to safety on Nevada roads. Avoiding risky behavior like speeding, running red lights, and using phones while driving can prevent accidents and legal trouble. Seek legal help for misdemeanors like traffic tickets and DUI charges, or more serious offenses like drag racing or causing collisions. 

Remember, driving safely protects everyone on the road and avoids severe consequences like felony charges or license suspension.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Reckless Driving in Nevada:

Q. How long can my license be suspended for reckless driving in Nevada?

In Nevada, the duration of a license suspension for reckless driving depends on various factors, including the severity of the offense and any prior driving infractions. Generally, a first-time reckless driving conviction can result in a license suspension of up to six months. However, for subsequent felony offenses or aggravated circumstances, such as causing injury or property damage, the suspension period can be longer, potentially extending to one year or more. It’s essential to consult with legal counsel to understand the specific implications of a reckless driving conviction on your driving privileges in Nevada.

Q. Is reckless driving considered a misdemeanor or a felony in Nevada?

Reckless driving is typically considered a misdemeanor in Nevada. However, certain aggravating factors, such as causing serious bodily harm or death, could elevate the charge to a felony. The classification ultimately depends on the specific circumstances of the offense and the severity of its consequences.

Q. Are there any alternative punishments for reckless driving in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada offers alternative punishments for reckless driving in addition to traditional penalties like fines and license suspension. These alternatives may include attending defensive driving courses, completing community service hours, participating in substance abuse treatment programs (if alcohol or drugs were involved), or probation with specific conditions such as regular check-ins with a probation officer. These options aim to address the root causes of reckless driving behavior while providing offenders with opportunities for rehabilitation and preventing future infractions.

Q. Will a reckless driving conviction appear on my driving record in Nevada?

Yes, a reckless driving offense will be recorded on your driving record in Nevada. Reckless driving is a serious misdemeanor, and convictions are usually documented on your driving record, which can affect your insurance rates, job possibilities, and future driving privileges. Understanding the potential implications of reckless driving convictions is critical, as is taking early and responsible action to handle any legal difficulties.

Q. Can reckless driving lead to license suspension in Nevada?

Reckless driving, which includes speeding, ticket violations, and other dangerous behaviors on highways or in work zones, can indeed result in license suspension in Nevada. If someone is convicted under NRS 484B.550, the DMV has the authority to suspend their driver’s license. Depending on the seriousness of the incident and any previous traffic infractions, the court might also order license suspension. It’s crucial to understand the definition of reckless driving laws, such as driving under the influence (DUI), and to exercise your rights if faced with a DUI offense or other misdemeanor offenses. Seeking legal advice can help navigate the legal proceedings, potentially reducing fees, demerit points, or even avoiding imprisonment for repeat offenders. Remember, reckless driving not only endangers pedestrians and other drivers but can also lead to severe punishment, including time in county jail or state prison, if the case goes to trial.

Q. How does Nevada law define and punish reckless driving?

In Nevada, reckless driving is defined as driving a vehicle with a willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. It is punishable by fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment, depending on the circumstances and severity of the offense.

Q. How can a lawyer fight NRS 484B.653 charges?

A lawyer can fight NRS 484B.653 charges by challenging the evidence, questioning the intent, presenting mitigating circumstances, negotiating a plea deal, seeking procedural defenses, and potentially seeking expert testimony, depending on the specifics of the case.

Q. What are some common defenses against a reckless driving charge in Nevada?

Some common defenses against a reckless driving charge in Nevada include disputing the accuracy of evidence, such as radar readings or witness testimony, demonstrating compliance with traffic laws, proving emergency circumstances, or showing lack of intent or awareness of reckless behavior.

Q. How can I defend against a reckless driving charge in Nevada?

To defend against a reckless driving charge in Nevada, you can challenge the evidence presented against you, such as radar readings or witness testimony. You can also demonstrate that you were driving safely and in accordance with traffic laws, prove any emergency circumstances that may have influenced your driving behavior, or argue lack of intent or awareness of reckless actions. Seeking legal assistance can help you navigate the legal process and identify the best defense strategy for your case.

Q. How does a person’s insurance premium change after a reckless driving conviction in Nevada?

After a reckless driving conviction in Nevada, a person’s insurance rate usually rises dramatically. Insurance companies see reckless driving as a high-risk conduct, and as a result, premiums are frequently raised to reflect the greater possibility of subsequent accidents or claims. This increase may vary depending on the individual’s driving history, the severity of the offense, and the insurance company’s policies. In some situations, the rise may be significant enough to render insurance coverage expensive for the individual, resulting in difficulty in finding affordable coverage or even the cancellation of their policy.

Q. How many points are added to your driving record for reckless driving in Nevada?

In Nevada, reckless driving typically adds 8 demerit points to your driving record. Accumulating too many points within a specific timeframe can lead to consequences such as license suspension or the need to attend a traffic school for point reduction. It’s crucial to drive responsibly to avoid these penalties and maintain a clean driving record.

Q. What should I do if I witness someone driving recklessly in Nevada?

If you witness someone driving recklessly in Nevada, it’s important to stay safe first. Avoid confronting the driver or putting yourself in danger. Instead, safely pull over if you’re driving and call 911 to report the reckless driver. Provide as much detail as possible, such as the location, description of the vehicle, and its license plate number. Let the police officer handle the situation to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

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