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6 Swimming Pool Party and Spa Safety Tips

6 Swimming Pool Party and Spa Safety Tips

Just under 400 children per year die each year in the United States from drowning in swimming pools.  The most common months for injuries are June, July, and August.  If you are having a pool party, you should do the following to ensure the safety of your guests:


  1. Hire a lifeguard. The cost of hiring a lifeguard is minor compared to the trauma an injury or death can have on your family and guests.  Parents and caregivers mean well, but they can become easily distracted by other children, conversation, and the party itself.  It is an easy mistake for an adult to assume that someone else is watching the children while they step away for a moment.  Plus, a trained lifeguard will recognize the signs of growing that someone else may not notice.  You will be able to enjoy your party more if you know your guests and their children are safe.


  1. Limit the number of guests to a number that can easily be monitored, provide a safe distance, and that wont overwhelm the size of your pool.  


  1. Avoid too many pool toys that make children hard to see and kids can get trapped under. 


  1. For adults, limiting drug and/or alcohol consumption is the single most important factor to avoiding death and injuries in pools and spas, according to the World Health Organization.


  1. If you maintain your pool yourself,  or if you have a professional, it is a good idea to have had the pool and spa grates and drains inspected at the beginning of the season to ensure they are safe and that hair and clothing wont become tangled or trapped.  You should also know how to automatically shut off your system in case someone gets trapped underwater.


  1. Improperly diving into the pool can cause serious head and spinal cord injuries.  You may want to consider closing off your diving board during the party.    

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