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Car Accidents in Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas Car Accident

Have you been involved in a car crash in Las Vegas and sustained injuries? Was the other party at-fault for the accident? Are you experiencing pain, high medical bills, income loss, and other related expenses? You deserve a professional, high skilled, and compassionate legal team to get you the compensation you deserve. At Hinds Injury Law Las Vegas, we will fight with one aim in mind– seeking total compensation you need to make your life whole once again.

Our Las Vegas vehicle accident attorneys will negotiate aggressively on your behalf for a maximum settlement. Furthermore, we will not hesitate to take the case to court if the insurance company denies or tries to minimize your claim and pain and suffering. Although most compensation claims do not go to trial, sometimes going to court is the only route necessary to recover total compensation. Therefore, when it gets to this point, you have nothing to worry about because our highly experienced, skilled, and valued trial attorneys will prepare a strong court case for you. Furthermore, apart from the expertise of our lawyers, we have the assets to handle complex personal injury claims from the start to the end, which will take the pressure off you and allow you to recover in peace.

Our legal team at Hinds Injury Law Las Vegas has more than 20 years of experience.  Get in touch with us today to speak to an experienced, skilled, and professional Las Vegas auto accident lawyer. We offer free, non-obligatory initial consultation service, where our lawyer will not answer any questions you may have, but also explain the best legal action to take. Contact us now to get started.

How A Las Vegas Vehicle Accident Attorney Takes Pressure Off You

Do I really need a lawyer to handle my car accident compensation claim? This is a question many people often ask themselves. However, the naked truth is that if you have sustained injuries from a car accident, you should really speak to a lawyer. First, the state of Nevada has complex car insurance laws, and secondly, insurance companies have legal teams that will fight you at every step of the process.  Most people find it incredibly difficult to be in pain, going to the doctor, and then dealing with an aggressive insurance adjuster who they feel does not believe that they are in pain.  If you do not have the skills or experience in legal matters, the chances are you will struggle.

Many people forget that insurance companies are like any other business, and as such, their main goal is maximizing profit. They do not have your best interests at heart. Thus, they always pressure car accident victims to accept quick offers and settlements that are often much less compared to what a victim would have received.

The only way to counter this is by hiring an experienced lawyer in Nevada. Our lawyers are well-informed when it comes to Nevada law and skilled at handling this type of case. For many years now, our lawyers have helped many car accident victims to get the compensation they deserve.

The moment you meet with our attorney, they will help you understand exactly what to expect and the legal options to take. This will put your mind at ease, knowing that a professional is handling your claim. During the free initial consultation service, the lawyer will:

• Listen to any concerns you may have, answer questions, and calm your nerves
• Work on determining the facts of the car accident through investigations and identifying all parties involved
• Identify all potential sources of insurance to help you maximize the amount of compensation
• Work closely with accident reconstruction experts to identify the facts of the accident
• Collect and preserve all evidence relevant to your case, to build a strong case
• Consult with other professions such as doctors
• Estimate future expenses related to your accident
• Settlement negotiation
• Take the case to court if need be
• Provide legal advice related to your settlement offers and other important related issues related to the case

Contact us today if you have suffered injuries after a car accident in Las Vegas. Our lawyers at Hinds Injury Law Las Vegas offer a free initial consultation. Furthermore, we will answer any question you may have, protect your rights, and provide legal advice during this difficult time. You can reach us through (702) 940-1234.

Compensation In A Car Accident Settlement

There is no doubt that a car accident can have a huge impact on your finances and health. Furthermore, you have to deal with rehabilitation, pain, lost wages, medical expenses, medication, prescriptions, lost life enjoyment, and much more. Let’s not forget the emotional trauma that can result from a car accident. The light at the end of the tunnel is that you have legal recourse within reach.

If you are involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you have legal rights to seek monetary compensation for all the injuries and damages suffered. Compensation can be categorized under 2 main types: Economic and Non-economic.

1. Economic Compensation

Economic compensation covers damages or losses that can be quantified. This includes:

• Lost wages
• All medical expenses (including future medical expenses)
• Lost wages
• Property damages

2. Non-economic Compensation

Non-economic compensation covers damages or losses that cannot be quantified (subjective losses). This includes:

• Emotional distress
• Pain and suffering
• Disfigurement
• Lost life enjoyment

You may be awarded punitive compensation. This type of compensation that acts as a legal response to a defendant found guilty for committing an offense. In other words, this is a type of compensation awarded to a victim to punish the offender. This compensation is only awarded by the courts.

Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

At Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer, we will fight for your rights for a full compensation effortlessly. By contacting our Las Vegas vehicle accident lawyers, you are assured of excellent representation, legal advice, and access to all the resources at their disposal (like expert witnesses). We have helped many victims like you seek compensation for their losses.

How Is Fault Determined In A Car Accident Injury Claim?

Unlike many other states in America, Nevada is a ‘Fault state,’ which means that in case of a car accident injury, the at-fault party is obligated to pay for damages. Therefore, a fault is determined by looking at various angles of the accidents and evidence. These includes:

• The police report
• Photos of the accident scene
• Driver statements including passengers, and witnesses
• Surveillance footage
• Weather reports
• Road conditions
• Specialist analysis of the accident
• Mechanic reports

How To Protect Your Rights After A Car Accident In Nevada?

Remember that insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart. For this reason, they will try their level best to minimize the total amount of compensation. This is because insurance companies are like any other business, and their main goal is to maximize profit. In Nevada, an insurance company will try to settle your claims quickly and as cheaply as possible. Do not let yourself to be among those who are fooled by their quick cash or settlement offer, because the chances are the amount is far less than what your case worth.

To protect your rights, you should take the following steps after being involved in a car crash:

• Call The Police: – It is highly important that you dial 911 and get law enforcement involved. Later, get a copy of the police report.

• Get medical treatment: – If you have been injured, it is wise to seek immediate medical attention. This is not only beneficial health-wise but a way to get documentation.

• Take pictures of the scene: – You must take pictures. We are living in an era where every phone has a camera. Use a phone camera to take necessary images of the accident that shows the extend of the damage, the actual accident spot, any road signs, and so on.

• Exchange information: – Get the name, insurance information, and driver’s license number of the other party. If there are witnesses, it is wise to collect their name and contact info. Do not depend on the police to collect this information.

• Save all documents: – Any document relating to the accident or collected as a result of the accident should be saved. These are the documents that your lawyer will use to file for compensation.

• Get in touch with a Las Vegas auto accident attorney: – The last step is seeking the services of a highly skilled Las Vegas, Nevada, personal injury lawyer. It would be best if you started by scheduling a free consultation service. We are fully capable of handling all the details of your claim.

How Long Should You Wait To File A Claim?

All car accident injuries fall under personal injury, which in the state of Nevada has a 2-year statute of limitations. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that you only have 2-years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim. It is wise to consult a lawyer first and do not ignore anything. In a nutshell, the sooner a lawyer begins your case, the better it is for you.

Understanding Your Insurance Cover Policy

The best thing about Nevada car insurance cover is that underinsured motorists (UIM) or Uninsured motorists (UM) can be added to your policy. This policy covers any losses incurred after an accident by another driver who is at fault, but he/she is either under-insured or uninsured.

During your free consultation with our Nevada personal injury lawyers, do not forget to bring a copy of your insurance policy for review. We will work to find different potential sources where you can get compensation as a way to maximize the amount.

Car Accident Common Injuries

Car accidents can cause many different types of injuries, ranging from those that are minor to those that are severe or life-threatening. Our personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas can handle different compensation claims for clients who have suffered all types of injuries. Below are the most common injuries in a car accident:

• Whiplash: – This injury typically occurs when the impact of the accident causes the neck to move back and forward abruptly. It is often common in rear-end accidents. A victim’s whiplash may be as a result of joint damage that is located between discs and vertebrae. The symptoms mainly occur days after the accident.

• Paralysis and spinal trauma: – Spinal cord trauma can permanently damage or affect a person’s ability to control certain parts of the body. Furthermore, paralysis can be lifelong.

• Head injuries: – Head injuries are quite common in all car accident types. This occurs when a victim hits any part of the vehicle with their head (often the windshield, steering wheel, and side window). Such a collision may result in traumatic brain injury (TBI). In some cases, TBI could be lifelong.

• Knee and leg injuries: – This type of injury is caused when the knee/leg hits an object/part of a car. It may include lacerations, fractures, and even cuts. If the vehicle twists extensively, it could cause dislocations or tear of the cartilage.

• Cuts and bruises: – Often, these injuries are minor. However, this does not mean that a person cannot get severe cuts and bruises, which may be life-threatening. Sometimes, it may affect internal organs.

• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): – It is important to note that not all injuries are physical. It is easy for a person to suffer from emotional and mental traumatic stress after a car accident. The most common symptoms of PTSD include lack of sleep, nightmares, flashbacks, trouble concentrating, anxiety, and depression.

The Common Types Of Car Accident We Often Handle

Below is a list of the most common car accident injuries we handle regularly.

• Rear-end accidents
• Side-impact accidents
• Wrong-way driving
• Head-on collision accidents
• Taxi related accidents
• Lyft/Uber accidents
• Drunk driving accidents
• Single-vehicle collisions
• Low-speed collisions
• Distracted driving

Talk Our Las Vegas automotive Accident Lawyers Today.

At Hinds Injury Law Las Vegas, we understand how difficult it is to recover from a Las Vegas auto accident. It is a stressful time not only for you but for your family also. For this reason, our highly-skilled, educated, and experienced Las Vegas vehicle accident attorneys will work hard to hold the negligent or careless party accountable. We will ensure we get you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

We have the workforce to work on your claim and the resources and skills to fight for your rights. Our goal is to provide justice to all victims. You can get in touch with our lawyers at any time. By scheduling your free, no-obligation consultation, you will learn more about your legal options and the possible amount you can get.

Please do not treat your personal injury claim like a DIY project, allow us to do the work for you. Having a lawyer by your side, you increase your chances of getting a better compensation amount. Contact our car accident lawyers in Nevada today. Remember, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we do not get paid, not unless we get you compensation.

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