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Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall Accident

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five steps to take after a slip and fall accident

If you have slipped and fallen on someone else’s property, Hinds Injury Law recommends the following:

  1. Take many, many photographs of the area where the fall occurred before the landowner has a chance to fix the problem.  If you slipped on something wet, photograph the wet floor both close up and far enough away to establish your location in the area.  Use common objects like hands to show the size of the puddle.

    If you think the stairs or sidewalk was defective, take a picture of the defect.  Use common objects, like coins or dollar bills to demonstrate the size of the defect.  

  2. Get names and phone numbers of witnesses.  If possible, make a voice recording of this information on your cell phone and ask the witnesses to make a recorded statement about what they observed.

  3. Fill out an incident report.  These reports contain essential information and may be critical to establishing that you were injured on the property.

  4. Write down your version of what happened in as great of detail as possible as soon as possible after the fall. If a friend or relative was with you at the time of the fall, have them write a detailed statement as soon as possible while their memory is strongest

  5. Get treatment at a hospital if you feel you need medical help, but especially if you are experiencing, dizziness, vomiting, or think you may have any broken bones.

  6. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to preserve evidence.  Most commercial places such as grocery stores, restaurants, and casinos have cameras, but the video may only last a short period of time before it is recorded over.  It is crucial that the place of business is put on notice to save the footage of your accident.  Also, it is incredibly difficult to deal with the property owner’s insurance to try to get a settlement, especially if you are trying to recover from your injury.  But most importantly, do not provide the landowner’s insurance company with any statements, especially a recorded statement.  Any communications with the insurance company will most certainly be used against you.

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